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Release NetSupport ServiceDesk version 5.50.0008 Product release
Maandag 29 November 2021, 18:41u
NetSupport ServiceDesk 5.50.0008 is now available for download from our websites. This release of NetSupport ServiceDesk version 5.50.0008 does not require a new license key and will work with an existing NetSupport ServiceDesk 5.50 License. NetSupport ServiceDesk 5.50.0008 is available in English, German, French Italian, Spanish Dutch, and Catalan.

Please find details on the fixes included in this new version of NetSupport ServiceDesk below:

Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

What's new
  • Ability to configure a Default Email template to be loaded on the Add Details Window
  • Add a $DATECLOSED$ Email Variable to be used on Email Templates
  • Updated the HTML Editor used within the ServiceDesk
  • Add the ability to use users relative to a ticket in the Re-assign action of a workflow rule
  • To be able to erase several emails at one time within the ServiceDesk Mail Center
  • Additional date email variables included
  • Add workflow options for the Updated and Created By fields for relative users
  • Have the date variables use the default date format
  • Change the default for a new email template to be HTML format
  • Ability to use custom settings on the editors within ServiceDesk

What's fixed
  • Resolved issue where the New Incident, Problem and Change Request menu item sometimes were not seen on the page
  • Resolved an issue where saving the Outgoing Email settings removes the Default Subject text
  • Fixed issues with display for options not being applied correctly to categories
  • Fixed issue whereby the right hand side information bar would not appear on incidents
  • Resolved issue where the Assignment methods text is shown in English language rather than the configured display language
  • Resolved issue with the date format error triggering when entering Out of Office date on My Details section
  • The where to assign tickets from was not being re-evaluated if the assigned department had changed from being a technical department to a non-technical department
  • Circular assignment not working when a contact is in a technical department
  • Resolved an issue with the ServiceDesk load balancing feature
  • Fixed issue with the Workflow rule Re-assign Item action for 'The contacts manager' is also re-assigning items for Contacts that do not have a manager
  • Resolved issue whereby the Phone Number and Mobile number fields were blank when a user is first created using AD Sync
  • Email Variables not sorted alphabetically
  • Resolved issue found when creating a user, the default department was not set from your current selection
  • Resolved issue found with ServiceDesk website hanging intermittently due to 0kb file being created in the Temp folder
  • Resolved issue experienced with the Workflow condition to check whether the contact is SD operator
  • Cannot use SHIFT \+ Click to multi select mail items
  • Fixed issue with missing AddUnProcessed SP causing Error in HDMailSvr log
  • Resolved issue with ServiceDesk showing the SMTP address in Mobile Number field
  • Fixed error that could be triggered when using workflow rule to update Custom Data field value
  • Fixed issue experienced with the Item menu not being created, and it was not possible to save changes on items due to apostrophe in item name
  • When an item is updated Workflow Rule is not triggering on the condition for child categories
  • Resolved issue found with changing a department from technical to non-technical is not removing the 'manager' assignment method
  • Removed the Default category dropdown menu from Admin > Customise
  • Resolved issue found when Searching for all the users in a database with lots of users added would result in an error
  • Resolved issue to prevent direct access to the Mail Center for users that do not have access to this
  • Resolved issue with copying a draft email from Gmail to a web entry formatting is not correct
  • Resolved issue with copying Excel tables into details section only copies text on the latest version
  • Resolved issue with copy and paste image into details entry creating duplicates
  • $DUEDATE$ and $DATECREATED$ Returning English month name on completely Spanish System
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