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NetSupport School 12.5 is vrijgegeven en beschikbaar voor download Product update
Vrijdag 2 Februari 2018, 10:32u
NetSupport School version 12.50.0000 is vrijgegeven en beschikbaar voor download.
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

NetSupport School version 12.50.0000 is available in the below language variants:

English, Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin American, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Turkish.

This version of NetSupport School is a chargeable update and requires a new version 12.50 license key.

What is new
  • Added Basic/Advanced modes for the Tutor UI.
  • Added Unicode support for NetSupport School.
  • Improved network traffic by using compression.
  • Lock is now applied to single/groups of students if the Student machine is restarted whilst lock was applied.
  • Improvements to Lock when students reconnect to the class.
  • New improved Deploy Tool.
  • Added the ability to reset Student passwords.
  • Added new feature to Enable/Disable Webcam at Students.
  • The Instant Messenger feature is now removed.
  • Updated the Tech Console to include ADM/ADMX templates.
  • ?Launch Website? added to the tutor toolbar when in cut down Chrome mode.
  • Added the ability to connect to Chrome Students based on their Device ID.

What is fixed
  • Resolved issue found where the Remote Login feature for the Student would not work if the logon screen on the Students included a custom interactive message on Windows 8.
  • Fixed issue where the ?Include Chromebooks? option did not add Auto-Reconnect Service to the Gateway.
  • Resolved an issue where renaming files in File Transfer adds an extra file extension.
  • Fixed the sort ordering for the Student pane in File Transfer.
  • Increased protection when clicking cancel when closing an edited file.
  • Fixed issue when using mixed case accented characters for room names.
  • Fix applied to test results when viewed in CSV format.
  • Tech Console will now return installed Windows Store applications when an inventory is performed.
  • Open Taskbar menus are now closed when a Show or Exhibit is started.
  • Keyboard monitoring now registers key presses from on-screen touch monitors if caps-lock is engaged.
  • Correction to French NetSupport School for ?Current Survey List?.
  • Key Monitor is now working in Edge Browser.
  • Current Web Site' is now appearing when using Mozilla Firefox.
  • Improvements to Application Monitoring.
  • Fix applied for monitoring websites when using Firefox Browser.
  • Website icons are now being displayed correctly in the websites monitor view.
  • Fixed issue where if a checkbox was left checked in the student configuration, selecting a class to join was not possible.
  • Can no longer add whiteboard items to a journal that is not active.
  • Using refresh will now reconnect to Chrome Students when using User mode.
  • Adjustments made to the Student properties to display a longer Mac address when using Chrome Students (Device ID).
  • Language correction for Hebrew.
  • Improved connections when using PC mode with a Gateway.
  • Display Class wizard check box is now toggle-able when in the cut down Chrome/Tablet mode.
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