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NetSupport ServiceDesk 5.20.0000
Dinsdag 31 Oktober 2017, 14:28u
NetSupport ServiceDesk 5.20.0000 has now been released and is available for download from the NetSupport Website?s. This release of NetSupport ServiceDesk does not required a new license and will work with any existing version 5 license key.

For a list of the fixes and new features in this release please see the list below.

Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

This release contains the following fixes:

  • Resolved issue with the Accented characters not displaying correctly in custom email templates.
  • Fixed issue with search criteria being incorrectly set when using Priority Field to test against.
  • Resolved issue with Dashboard displaying a runtime error when no reports have been selected to display.
  • Resolved issue with using save and close on a problem ticket would not close the window or tab after saving the content changes.
  • Resolved an issue with deleting attachments from a ticket if the filename contained an apostrophe.
  • Resolved issue with uploading files to tickets when accented characters are used on Spanish Operating Systems.
  • Resolved an issue where long CC email address would be lost when added to a ticket.
  • Resolved issue where Dashboard link would not open correctly when ServiceDesk was configured to use single Sign on.
  • Resolved issue with SLA's not correctly stopping clock when ticket has entered a status that does not contribute to working time.
  • Fixed Incident Workflow entries to be displayed in Date Time order.
  • Fixed an application error when attempting to add files with a filename greater than 50 characters to a ticket.
  • Resolved a crash in Servicedesk POP3 Service when running on Microsoft Server 2012r2.
  • Resolved issue with Company Name field not being visible from the Contact Details when opening an Incident using Internet Explorer.
  • Resolved an issue with the Escalation Service not adding notes to tickets when triggered.
  • Resolved issue with Select Template window not displaying scrollbars when number of templates exceed the space available.
  • Resolved an issue with entering HTML Code into a ticket description field corrupting description when saved.
  • Fixed positioning of layout items to prevent them moving when saving and re-opening a layout.
  • Fixed an error message being displayed when attempting to select a template having previously created a template with a file path in it.
  • Resolved an issue with deleting Tickets when specific HTML Code was used in creating them.
  • Resolved issue with searching for users in the find user tool taking a long time when there are over 2000 users in the company.
  • Resolved issue with custom reports displaying a comma at the end of a line.
  • Updated character limit in text field for custom data to over 1000 characters.
  • fixed issue with lists display Records found count being one less than total records found.
  • fixed issue with layout text not being displayed when assigned to user start page.
  • Resolved an issue where attaching items to tickets would error if you provided a multi-line description for the attachment.
  • Resolved issue with save and close buttons disappearing when adding large amounts of text to the email field of a ticket.
  • Resolved an issue where you could not edit a service desk operator via the contact details in an incident or change request if you have created the maximum number of operators for your licence.
  • Fixed issue in report designer that added a comma to the bottom of an HTML text box.
  • Resolved issue with Due date changes not being applied correctly when using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Resolved Error being triggered when viewing a report created from a Saved Search that has no Criteria Field.
  • Resolved display issue where tables were showing duplicate information when using the group by field option in reports.
  • Resolved issue when setting mailboxes up to use NT logon names as the user account.
  • Fixed application crash when using a custom search query to list tickets raised since a particular date.
  • Fixed IIS Version 4 Message being displayed when Installing on Windows Server 2016.
  • Resolved issue with reports incorrectly displaying information for all assignee's when using the group by assignee option.
  • Resolved issue with Invalid Column DeptId Error when Using Condition for Contacts Department in Workflow Rule.
  • Fixed issue with NEW button being hidden when adding a solution to a closed ticket.
  • Resolved an error being displayed when attempting to create a report from a saved search.
  • Resolved an issue where DNA inventory returns no machines in the hierarchy when using the select PC for a user dialog.
  • Resolved application error when attempting to save changes to an existing change request.
New Features in this release

  • Enhanced Active Directory Synchronisation services to optionally use the structure of Active Directory as the Company and Department names within NetSupport ServiceDesk.
  • Enhanced Active Directory Synchronisation Services to allow users to exclude specific Organisational Units from the AD Synchronisation.
  • Added an Expand All Button to tickets to allow users to see all notes added with one click.
  • Enhanced Send Email Options to allow custom Default Subject lines for emails.
  • Enhanced Create Incident and Change Request ticket forms to allow due date field to be disabled via the Special Permissions configuration pages.
  • Enhanced Active Directory Synchronisation services to use either the Full Name or Display Name properties of Active Directory when creating users.
  • NEW Service Status section for Active Directory Synchronisation page to report the current progress of the synchronisation and provide user option to re-run.
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