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NetSupport DNA versie 4.5 gereleased Product update
Maandag 11 September 2017, 11:28u
NetSupport DNA version 4.50 now been released and is available for download from our websites. This release is available in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

This version of NetSupport DNA is a chargeable update and requires a new version 4.50 license key.
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

What is new

Education only:
  • NEW Export Keyword triggers to PDF document added with customisable school logo options.
  • NEW eSafety Console users can create concerns from within the console.
  • NEW Support for Webcams to take a snapshot when eSafety phrase triggered.
  • Updated Remote Powershell feature to allow users to run scripts as a specific user.

Education and Corporate only:
  • NEW Alerts Added for USB mouse and keyboard insertions and removals.
  • NEW Activity view for PCs and Users to show Application, internet metering, eSafety keyword triggers and login sessions.
  • NEW Bookmark feature to allow common Agents to be bookmarked for easier access.
  • NEW Logon control to prevent users logging onto more than one PC.
  • NEW Locate User option added to the DNA Agent.
  • NEW Logon Control allowing Users to only log on to one PC at a time.
  • Enhanced Password reset functionality for Console operators to have new password emailed to them.
  • Enhanced Agent User Interface to show the inactivity policy in affect.
  • Enhanced Mac Agent include the following features:
    • Gather a full hardware and software inventory from the Agent machine.
    • A detailed summary of all internet activity.
    • Real-time monitoring of Agent machines in icon, details or thumbnail view.
    • Agents can report a concern.*
    • Monitor keywords and phrases.*

  • Enhanced iOS Support via the DNA iOS Browser App:
    • Gather a full hardware inventory from the Agent machine
    • Real-time monitoring of Agent machines in icon, details or thumbnail view.
    • A detailed summary of all internet activity.
    • Internet usage can be fully managed - and lists of approved and restricted URLs and/or sub-URLs can be applied.
    • Automatically notify operators of any internet metering and triggered keyword alerts.
    • Monitor keywords and phrases.*
    • Show safeguarding resources*
    • Report a concern*

    * Only available in the Education Edition of NetSupport DNA.

    What is fixed
    Education only:
    • (IN53052) Resolved issue where clicking on the eSafety media button would not display the keyword review dialog.
    • IN53558) Resolved issue with eSafety Alerts when closing alerts would close all alerts.
    Education and Corporate:
    • (IN52909) Resolved Exchange Server configuration issue where email was not sending correctly.
    • IN52919) Resolved Active Directory issue with departments and PCs appearing in unassigned rather than the correct place in PC and User views.
    • (IN53239) Resolved issue with Agents having the same Node ID when using Virtual Box virtual machine images.
    • (IN53691) Fixed memory leak in DNA Server due when power monitor is enabled.
    • (IN53719) Fixed issue with Gateway installer not correctly setting Windows firewall entries.
    • (IN53723) Resolved issue with Gateway Agents not getting configurations correctly applied.
    • (IN53082) Resolved issue where deleted or cancelled queries would appear incorrectly in the copy from list of the query editor.
    • (IN53412) Resolved problem where alert details were not displaying the logged on user.
    • (IN52908) Resolve issue with alerts not correctly displaying the user who triggered the alert.
    • (IN52922) Resolved issue with Active Directory Authentication of DNA Console not Working Due to Different Pre-Windows 2000 Domain Name.
    • (IN53038) Resolved Crash in AUP assignment dialog for PC based policies.
    • (IN52537) Resolved incorrect message displayed when attempting to delete a company from user details.
    • (IN53552) Fixed Issue with Advanced date ranges in query tool showing incorrect data.
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