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NetSupport School - Android Student version 2.13.0000 vrijgegeven Product release
Woensdag 9 Augustus 2017, 09:21u
NetSupport School - Android Student version 2.13.0000 vrijgegeven en beschikbaar in Google Play store
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

What is new
Added support for Android 7 allowing:
  • Multi-Window (Split-View) capabilities.
  • The ability to quickly respond to NetSupport chats from the notification menu when the app is minimised

What is fixed
  • IN40717 - Round Information added to the Android Student
  • IN46103 - Fix applied to survey if a trailing comma is added to the list of survey responses, all responses now show
  • IN46826 - Show can no longer be left by the student
  • IN46829 - Increase the character limit for the name in chat and message feature
  • IN48955 - Lesson details are now scrollable
  • IN50727 - New application icons added.
  • IN50728 - Rewards text now appears in white and easier to see
  • IN50750 - Thumbnail update speed adjusted to match the interval set at the Tutor
  • IN51532 - Fix applied to stop Student connecting to two Tutors at the same time
  • IN53462 - Selection of files in File Explorer are now retained on rotation of device
  • IN53610 - Added some missing translations
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